CLOSED 16th+17th Sept

About us


A beautifully landscaped tropical greenhouse where you can relax as you walk among hundreds of exotic butterflies from around the world . . .

The Butterfly House contains a wonderful array of some of the world’s most beautiful flowers and butterflies. Kids and grownups of all ages love hunting among the plants as the look for bizarre caterpillars and chrysalids – some of which are beautifully camouflaged while others are brightly coloured to warn you that they will not make a good meal!




Understand the weird & wonderful

Learn about the adaptations and behaviour of the butterflies and plants, with our selection of laminated learning sheets to take around with you. We'll do our best to show all of our visitors some of the wonders of the natural world that can be witnessed during their visit!


We work with local conservation organisations

Promoting the essential work that they do, to keep our local habitats as healthy and vibrant as possible.


Get involved!

Concerned with conservation? Talk to us! We're happy to advise organisations and private parties regarding creating or maintaining habitats suitable for a wide range of plants and animals.